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Terms and Conditions apply. Native- They create safe, simple, effective products that people use in the bathroom everyday. Products with trusted ingredients and trusted performance. Not convinced? Check out the 7, 5-star reviews from our customers. Oct 23, 72 min. Morning Buns. Slate Plus members get an additional mini-episode of Dear Prudence every Friday.

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How to End Mental Illness with Dr. Daniel Amen. But think about it—would we ever shame someone with cancer, autoimmunity, or dementia for needing help? Of course not. It was a guessing game based on symptoms without knowing the real cause, location, or severity of the imbalance. The good news is that now, with technology like brain scans, we can get a clear picture of what is happening in the brain to get real solutions. Daniel Amen, has been paving the way for a new type of psychiatry, looking at the actual brain and using an integrative approach to prevent disease and successfully treat it.

The Washington Post called Dr. Daniel Amen the most popular psychiatrist in America and Discover Magazine listed his brain imaging research as the top neuroscience story for To take advantage of this special offer from ButcherBox just go to ButcherBox. Nov 6, 64 min. When Our Bodies Talk to Us. His work is redefining the way we think of trauma, which affects everyone over the course of a lifetime—physically, mentally, emotionally.

And he shares the joy of what happens when we allow ourselves to cry, to laugh, to dance. Oct 31, 63 min. A relationship audit: we know it sounds like a scary thing, but in reality it could be the thing that saves your relationship, or the practice that transforms a solid foundation into a rock-solid one. In this episode, Rachel and Dave model this regular practice of checking in by revisiting the first ever episode of RISE Together, and discussing first-hand how much they've grown.

How does your relationship now differ from your relationship six months, one year, five years ago? How do you want it to look in five years? That's right, subscribe here and get each day's episode delivered to you so you can listen whenever you want.

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It's like magic! Life coaching, for those looking to improve in their relationships, health, and personal life, and business coaching, for growing a revenue base, finding new clients, and marketing effectively.

Nov 7, 29 min. The excitement Adam and Catrina get to watch a full movie now. Do you think athletes in other sports have a better relationship with food than bodybuilders? Effect of post-exercise sauna bathing on the endurance performance of competitive male runners. Nov 6, 78 min. Oct 30, 32 min. This episode is a little Rachel surprises Dave with an impromptu couple's counseling session with the husband of one of her podcast guests while she's in New York.

The resulting conversation is honest, funny, and super important: no matter how much you love your partner, no matter how much you think you know your partner, there's always room to grow in that relationship.

Join Rachel and Dave and guests Naomi and Josh Davis as they get real about their marriages with no pretext or forewarning. Would you get this real live on-air with your partner? That's right, subscribe now and get each day's episode delivered to you so you can listen whenever you want. Oct 31, 39 min. As part of their research, Twohey and Kantor interviewed many women, GP among them. Today, these four women are having a different kind of conversation and reflecting on the stories behind the story. Their intimate back-and-forth is a poignant reminder of why we need to create and protect a culture in which we are all able to voice the truth.

Nov 7, 65 min. David Sinclair. What do we know to be true about aging? It turns out, our beliefs and scientific fact greatly differ.

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In this episode, Dr. David Sinclair is here to share the groundbreaking research from his new book, Lifespan. This interview is a conversation on human longevity, lifespan, and anti-aging. Sinclair is going to arm you with all of the ground-breaking science, as well as practical takeaways you can apply to your daily life.

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Nov 6, 68 min. Joshua and Ryan discuss career advice, pursuing your passion, mentors, and the stepping stones to success with author and radio personality Ken Coleman, and they answer the following questions: How do I find a job that adequately fulfills my professional and economic needs? Nov 5, 43 min. Ever feel like you've been in the same relationship over and over?

We all need to feel significant, but we need to be clear on what type we want with our partner and create it in a healthy way and not just wherever we find it. Oct 28, 72 min. Elizabeth Boham. So many Functional Medicine practitioners like myself have gone through their own healing crisis. For me, it was a total brain and body breakdown 30 years ago due to mercury poisoning from when I lived in China.

For my good friend and fellow Functional Medicine doctor Elizabeth Boham, it was triple-negative breast cancer diagnosed at the young age of 30, despite already embracing many principles of a healthy life.

Going through these experiences has led us to want to help others heal on the deepest level, which is what brought us both to the power using Functional Medicine and food and lifestyle choices to truly heal. Boham joins me to discuss what it means to get to the root cause of disease and how the principles we practice do exactly that.

Through her practice and lecturing, she has helped thousands of people achieve their wellness goals. She is part of the faculty of the Institute for Functional Medicine and has been featured on the Dr. Thrive Market has made it so easy for me to stay healthy, even with my intense travel schedule.

I never let myself get into a food emergency. I order real, whole foods online from Thrive Market.

Oct 30, 75 min. Ben Greenfield and co-host Dr. Jay Wiles dish on the latest and greatest in the world of health and fitness. Got a question for Ben you want answered on the show? Nov 2, 70 min. Are you currently feeling stuck? Nov 1, 27 min. Positive Affirmations 3 will help you relax and fall asleep quickly while providing powerful uplifting affirmations.


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With so much negativity in the world, we all need to hear more of the good stuff! We hope you find this short podcast version of Positive Affirmations 3 enjoyable! Subscribe and listen to our premium long play sleep meditations! Get all the details at TracksToRelax. Nov 4, 39 min. This episode of the mindbodygreen podcast features Ilene Ruhoy, M.